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John Feyen - Larimer County Sheriff
Jarrod Poley - Jackson County Sheriff
Sunni Ward
Carrie Bielenberg - Community Leader in Diversion  and Juvenile Justice
Rick Klimek - Retired Chief of Police for Windsor and Current Member of the Windsor Town Board
Domestic Violence Survivor
Justin Smith - Former Larimer County Sheriff
Irene Josey
Cliff Riedel - Former District Attorney for Larimer and Jackson Counties
Honorable Peter E. Schoon Jr. - Retired Judge
Larry Abrahamson - Former Larimer County District Attorney
James (Jim) Dustin
Ray Martinez
Eric Sunness - Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney
Dr. James A. Wilkerson - Former Coroner and Medical Examiner
John Duval
Bill Becker
Stu VanMeveren - Former District Attorney

FOP Endorsements

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is the largest and most influential police organization in the country, representing law enforcement officers and advocating for their interests.

"Receiving their endorsement means that the law enforcement community trusts me to be fair, effective, and supportive in our shared mission to keep our community safe. As your next District Attorney, I am committed to upholding justice and protecting the safety of our community."