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Increase Community Safety

Our community deserves a District Attorney motivated by public safety, not political gain.  The District Attorney's Office has a significant role in keeping our community safe and needs a strong leader who can provide clarity on its mission and confidence in its leadership.  Dawn is a veteran prosecutor with a proven track record of leadership and commitment to protecting residents and businesses.


Since the last election, the District Attorney's Office has experienced significant turnover, with over 30 attorneys--and their decades of legal experience--leaving the office.  The upheaval created by the loss of institutional knowledge has caused cases to be delayed, pled down significantly, or even dismissed.  Our entire community suffers with an inexperienced leader at the helm, victims lose their opportunity to seek justice, and criminals are often released and allowed to continually re-offend without consequence. Our law enforcement officers, who put their own safety on the line to protect the public, witness the revolving door of crime and have no tools to stop it. 

The Eighth Judicial District needs a leader who can restore community partnerships and reinvigorate the office with renewed commitment to public safety.  Attorneys and staff in the office deserve a supportive and innovative environment so they can manage their considerable caseload, stand up for victims, work with first responder agencies, and uphold the law.


Dawn Downs is committed to reviving the District Attorney's Office and serving the public safety needs of our community. 

Seek Justice 

Justice is the cornerstone of a safe and healthy community. It provides victims a voice, holds offenders accountable for the harm they’ve caused, and in many cases, offers all parties a path for restoration and recovery. When there is no consistency in how cases are handled, victims and families lose hope that justice is attainable. Dawn has dedicated her career to supporting victims; speaking up for vulnerable populations; fighting for fair and ethical outcomes; and creating a culture where victims are heard, respected, and their rights are upheld.

Justice also includes seeking rehabilitative solutions for offenders who commit crimes as the result of mental health or substance abuse struggles or who are experiencing homelessness. Collaborating with community partners to provide therapeutic resources offers offenders a constructive path out of the criminal justice system and into our community.

With extensive experience addressing a variety of crimes, Dawn will work tirelessly to build a solution-oriented culture in the District Attorney's Office – one that upholds laws, prosecutes crimes, and restores hope that justice is possible for everyone in Larimer and Jackson counties.

Establish Accountability

To be successful, the District Attorney must model accountability both internally and externally. The District Attorney should be held accountable for their legal competence, integrity, and their efforts to bring offenders to justice. They must also create an office environment that inspires staff and attorneys to operate with high expectations, an inclusive and collaborative mindset, and an unwavering focus on public safety. The District Attorney must extend these expectations to our local law enforcement partners as well. That means holding a high standard for officer conduct, case management, and submission of solid investigations. This well-rounded approach to accountability is necessary to ensure that our community receives the level of criminal justice service it deserves. 

With legal expertise and a proven record of successful leadership in Larimer and Jackson counties, Dawn Downs is ready to take the reins of the Eighth Judicial District with integrity and accountability as she serves our community.

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